2011 Paris Motor Show: Leaked Peeks of Lotus New City Car Concepts

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2011 Paris Motor Show: Leaked Peeks of Lotus New City Car Concepts

Posted September 2 2010 06:05 AM by cmr/staff 
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Proton Emas Concept Three Door Front Quarterjpg

Leaked images of two new small city cars, based on the Proton EMAS concepts that were displayed at the Geneva Auto Show, have made their way to the Web ahead of an unveiling in Paris.


Malaysian automaker Proton, which owns Lotus, is preparing a small hatchback to compete with the likes of Toyota's iQ city car. We knew that it would likely be powered by small, turbocharged engines, with the possibility of a plug-in hybrid on the menu. The pictures shown here are the clearest indication so far of what we might be able to expect from Proton and Lotus in the near future.

The EMAS (which stands for Eco Mobility Advance Solution), according to the photos, will be produced as both a three-door and a five-door hatchback. The three-door, badged a Lotus in these photos, stays true to the three-door concept shown in Geneva, and will compete with city cars like the aforementioned iQ and Smart ForTwo. The five-door, badged a Proton, is also very similar to the concept shown in Geneva. Both models highlight wheels pushed out to the corners and heavily styled fender flares, as well as the extensive use of glass on the bodywork.

Source: Paul Tan Blog courtesy of Automobile Magazine Staff

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