The 7 Best Date Cars

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The 7 Best Date Cars

Posted November 17 2009 10:05 AM by luciscup 
Filed under: Auto News

Douchebag With No Chick Date Driving Porsche Boxster

Let’s not kid ourselves – any dude with a decent job can take out a second on his house or live in a lousy apartment and skip on the child support in order pull enough together to make that monthly Porsche Boxster payment.  If that's you, your situation is not impressive, and your date will see right through it. (Don’t worry, if you've got your finances together we’re not here to bag on your flashy new sports car out of jealousy and say it won’t land you any women on a first date – it may; we’re simply here to pass on our broader experiences with cars and women and give you some real-world ideas on what, say, the 7 best date cars are and what to look out for). 

Ferrari 458 Italia

ferrari 458 italia beautiful date car

So wait, what just happened to the real-world and that whole rip on flashy sports cars?! Whatever.. If you were a girl you know you wouldn’t mind sitting in a brand-new Ferrari next to some hotshot stock broker or CEO (if only for kicks, and for something to tell your friends about). Of course, there's this very particular type of women that would take advantage of a Ferrari situation such as this, and we'll consider it in the back of our minds, but if you’re a happily-married woman celebrating your 50th anniversary with your Ferrari-owning husband--our apologies.

Onward. Money and power attract women. It's true. That nearly every guy who possesses one or both of these qualities also owns a hugely expensive supercar is irrelevant. What matters is that money doesn’t guarantee good taste, so if you’ve got the dough, we’re here to point you in the right direction for the best date car. Our top recommendation: the newest Ferrari: the 458 Italia. Don’t think about a Lamborghini (unless your buddies with Bryan Salamone). And don’t think about a Ferrari in any other color but red.  Okay, okay – we know this car is probably out of your reach. But we also know that if you had it for a day, the first thing you would do is attempt to take a hot date out in it. 

Note: If you consider yourself rich and are dead-set on impressing a certain high-roller celebrity, you better stow the Ferrari and bring the plane. And we don’t mean the Cessna...

Sum up:  Pretty much the standard when it comes to date cars for the rich and/or famous.  Just remember to watch your arse. Or rather, hers.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

jeep grand cherokee at fancy restaurant date

It’s nice, but not too flashy—perfect. It’s a commanding vehicle that doesn’t scream “my owner is a douchbag trying to impress you” like a new Range Rover or Escalade would on a first date. Inside, the roomy bench backseat is just what the doctor ordered if the two of you wind up back there for some shenanigans. Plus, what also makes the Jeep a great date car is that it’s  4x4 and you can take it pretty much anywhere should the need arise. Like a legit date involving a day’s worth of skiing or hiking or some other activity that may require a 4x4 to get there. 

About that flashy date car thing... We have found that, in most circumstances, it’s a lot better to show up in a clean, well-kept but mostly average car for a first date and only whip out the expensive sports car later on. Unless of course you’re going for gold-diggers.  However, if you’re a younger guy going for the cougars, once again your best bet for a date car is the more mundane choice (With cougars, you don’t have to pretend to be a surgeon with your private practice. Her ex-husband was a surgeon with a private practice.) If you have some sort of awkward dissonance with the Jeep brand though, or hate all cars that are boxy, don’t worry because pretty much any decent mid-sized SUV/crossover will do. Just not the Pontiac Aztec. It’s the ‘best cars for going on a date’ we’re talking about, not the ‘best cars to make you look like a blind and retarded idiot.’

Sum up:  The girl-next-door of date cars – nothing too special, but gets the job done better than you’d think.

Toyota Prius

toyota prius nerd guy car green background

“Hi, my name’s Chad. I’m an eco-minded single male...  I work in a design studio in the trendy part of town and make pretty good money for a 30 year-old. I’m proficient with my Canon 5D and I love to go kayaking in the Puget Sound in my spare time. Mt. Whitney is my second home, and I’m a loyal Sierra Club member.  I own a composting toilet.  Recently, I realized that I’d love a female companion for said outdoor activities, though I’m very selective.  I’m reliable husband-material, though don’t get me wrong: I can still dance my pants off at the club after a few drinks. Hey, why don’t you and I meet up over a cup of tea sometime this week and chat.”

Are you Chad? Well the Prius has your name written all over it. Problem is, you probably already own one (and more than likely already know it’s one of the best date cars and you subconsciously abuse the privilege). You probably also hog the left lane on the expressway and have a custom license plate that reads ‘I RCYCL’. And you have hair growing in funny places… Either that or you’re just a somewhat average Joe who likes to save money on gas and doesn’t mind driving a rather phallic-shaped car. You enjoy the Prius for what it is – a decent, reliable and spacious car, and also get a kick out of the carpool lane privileges. You may or may not give a crap about global warming and foreign oil dependency, but you pretend to when you chat up that cute girl with the recyclable shopping bag at Whole Foods. Faux green lifestyle or not, the Prius is probably one of the best date cars considering that most upstanding women these days care about the environment. It’s hard to go wrong with the Prius, unless of course, she finds out your other ride is a lifted yellow Hummer H2 and you’re just trying to compensate for something or another.

Sum up: The Phillips-head screwdriver in the toolbox. It won’t work for jobs that require a hammer or wrench, but definitely one of the most usefully tools to have around.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

1957 chevrolet bel air convertible

Red and yellow, black and white – classic American cars are precious in their sight...  The 1955-1957 Bel Air is among the most recognizable American cars of all time, and the overall iconic styling and romantic large-engine wholesomeness of Detroit iron from decades past are unmistakably attractive and dearly adored the world over.  Show up to your girl’s house in a shiny, candy apple red ’57 Bel Air convertible and you can be reasonably sure you’ll end up on that large leather back seat with her at one point (the Bel Air’s backseat is probably the most spacious and romantic place for an in-car sesh we can think of). Prudetip: remember this is best date cars guide, thus the best cars for going on a date are ones that work with you obviously, and not against you... 

And work with you the Bel Air will – even if the girl’s father is a smug old English 'bahstad' with a diehard MG or Aston Martin fetish that forbids his daughter from driving anything but the approved cars on his short-list – you could still score some brownie points with the old man in the Bel Air and have a little conversation about cars before you leave with his girl (just don’t bring up the particular utilities of the oversized backseat). Same goes if the girl has an over-protective brother who’s into cars and aftermarket tuning or something (yeah we’re talking about some Fast and the Furious-type meathead guy… It happens). Well even he will appreciate the Bel Air and give you some respect. It’s a no-lose proposition and one of the best date cars to pick up that hottie with, regardless of everything else.

Sum up: You love it; your dad loves it. Your date loves it; her dad loves it. You absolutely can’t lose (except your arm and your leg at the gas pump, but I digress).

1985 Honda Civic Wagon

1985 ef honda civic wagon

Question: "Is she Miss Right? Or Miss Right Now? If she's the latter, then beg, borrow or steal a proper automobile. If she's the former, you may well be okay. Miss Right Now, the latter, will want something flashy to brag to her friends about: Porsche, BMW or Mercedes; Miss Right will take you even if she has to help push-start the Civic for you. On the first date. In the rain.

Just because you’re not keeping up with the Joneses and don’t have a big and shiny new SUV doesn’t mean you’re aiming for low-class bimbos. Quite on the contrary: many of the most successful people started out from (or at one point fell back to) the bottom, and if a girl sticks by your side through lean times, you may well have found yourself a keeper. Plus if a woman is that affected by the image of the car you’re driving, it probably won’t be good for you in the long run anyway. Looking even more on the bright side, the fact that you penny-pinched on your date car might mean you have some extra money saved up so you can splurge on other things. Thinks like Victoria's Secret, for example.

Sum up: You don’t give a flying flip about what people think about you, and women like that. You know that attraction can’t be bought, and women know that you know. Your lack of insecurity gives you an edge over most guys.

Chevy Silverado Truck

chevy silverado redneck truck

Have you ever seen one of those bumper stickers that read, “Silly boys, trucks are for girls!”? Well guess what? America is truck-country and women love trucks here. (Duh). Hottie stetson-wearing, lifted truck-driving, platinum blonde Tiffany over in Texas may give you the time of day if you’re in a Ferrari, but a Civic or a pansy little crossover just won’t cut it. If you want to score with the hotties, sometimes you need a truck. A man’s truck. Out in Texas (where they really, really adore trucks--almost to the annoyance of non-Texans) or in any other parts of the country where long distances rule, and where loads needing to be hauled are plentiful, a man truly needs a truck in his daily life and is not complete without.  In some places, if don’t got a truck, guess what: you don’t got no date!

Trucks are useful and tough, just how women want their men. There’s a saying along the lines of “the moment you sell your truck is the moment you realize you need it the most. “ Truer words were never spoken.  Plus with a truck you can literally tailgate a little at the game or the races if that’s your idea of a date (they're really fun and a good one to try if you haven't), but best yet, if it's dark and you're somewhere romantic, you can always put some blankets in the bed and go back there to jump each others' bones cuddle.

Sum up: Some would argue that every man needs a truck. If it’s your woman though that’s making that call, then you damn well better have one. At any rate, nice trucks are hard not to like.

 Her Damn Car!

The Best Date Cars with Cute Girl Blowing Kiss

Yeah! It always seems like it's our cars, our money, and our insecurities that get exploited, right?! Well many men now think that it’s time women step it up and take us for a ride! How's that? Sometimes the best date car in the world is whatever the girl happens to drive. There’s no better feeling than riding home with a nice buzz in some girl’s car and not have to worry about a DUI or having to clean your room because you know you have to stop at her house first anyways, and hopefully just end up there.

Note: we’re not telling you to throw away your car keys and hunt for sugar-mommas exclusively, but it’s definitely worth a shot to get her to drive occasionally, if only for kicks. Just don’t do it on the first date because you’ll come across as a loser (unless you really know how to be charming and funny about it).

Sum up: It’s true. Girls' cars. Done deal. Just don’t abuse it. Protip: may work with older women/cougars

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