New Ford Fiesta Review by Automobile Magazine

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New Ford Fiesta Review by Automobile Magazine

Posted July 26 2009 01:18 PM by luciscup 
Filed under: Auto News, Ford, Compact Cars, Ford, Hatchbacks, Compact

Ford Fiesta In City Car Lime Green

It's all about youth these days. That's why Ford, taking a page from President Barack Obama's campaign strategy, is pitching its European Fiesta directly to Generation Y, with plenty of Twitter and YouTube pages devoted to the cause. And that's why Automobile Magazine's youngest editor - yours truly - drove the car to Madison, Wisconsin, home of more than 30,000 undergrads, as a way of measuring the truth - "truthiness," Gen Y'ers say - in Ford's claim that it has a legitimate subcompact contender.

"We should get shots of sorority girls washing the car," suggested youthful photographer A. J. Mueller. OK, that, too.

We didn't want to spoil the adventure with excess planning - TripTiks are so 1980s. Instead, we drove straight to the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus and asked for recommendations. To wit:

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