2010 Roush 427R Mustang Specs and Pictures - $15,000 and 430hp

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2010 Roush 427R Mustang Specs and Pictures - $15,000 and 430hp

Posted March 20 2009 01:29 PM by luciscup 
Filed under: Aftermarket, Ford, Muscle Cars

2010 New Roush 427 Ford Mustang

Recession? Global Warming? Future gas-price worries? Bah. This is turning out to be some sort of National Musclecar Month (stay tuned for more Camaro/Mustang/Challenger news coming very soon), and Jack Roush is striking while the iron is hot. Today, Roush Performance unveiled its fifth-generation Mustang performance car, the 2010 427R, at its Livonia, Michigan, factory in suburban Detroit.

As before, the Roush Performance 427R package includes enhanced styling, suspension, and engine-performance upgrades. In terms of styling, the front and rear fascias are more aggressively sculpted, with a jutting front splitter and simulated venturi air exhausters in back. Side skirt and louvered quarter windows, chromed 18-in. Roush wheels, a three-piece rear spoiler, and badging inside and out complete the package (which will be offered by itself as a Stage I package for $6852). Chassis upgrades revised spring and damper rates, new anti-roll bars, revised rear-suspension geometry to combat wheelhop (using unique upper trailing links, mounting brackets, and bushings), new jounce bumpers and bushings. (An $8226 Stage II package will buy the appearance and chassis mods.) The 427R stripes and decals accompany a revised Roots-type supercharger and intercooler plus other powertrain upgrades that bring the stock 4.6L SOHC three-valve motor up to 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. And what's more, they do so WITHOUT incurring a gas-guzzler penalty as the 2009 427R did. That savings helps bring the 427R package price in at just $15,056 ($43,071 out the door, including the base Mustang GT)....Continued

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