National Average Gas Prices Under $2 - Holds True in California

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National Average Gas Prices Under $2 - Holds True in California

Posted November 24 2008 12:19 PM by luciscup 
Filed under: Gas Prices

National Gas Prices Graph Chart

The average price of self-serve, unleaded gasoline on Friday in the United States was $1.97, said Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the Lundberg Survey. The last time the price was below $2 was on March 4, 2005, she said.

Here on the West Coast -- namely southern California -- higher-than-average gas prices (and lack of premium 93 octane) is an accepted fact of life, but a quick check on reveals that even out here, gas can now be had for under 2 bucks. Over a dozen gas stations nearby have regular unleaded in the range of $1.80-1.90 per gallon, though there are an equal number sporting prices in the $2.20's and higher (for regular), likely justifying some shopping around.

Source: CNN

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