Three Jeep Wranglers Plan to Drive from Paris to New York

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Three Jeep Wranglers Plan to Drive from Paris to New York

Posted November 12 2008 01:07 PM by car_bon_fire 
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Three Jeep Wranglers Plan To Drive From Paris To New York

Adventurer Matthias Jeschke intends to drive from Paris to New York. Of course, since the Atlantic presents a serious obstacle to wheeled transportation, Jeschke has plotted a route inspired by early human migration -- across the Bering Strait. If he and his team succeed, they will be the first expedition to drive the trans-continental route.

In a sense, Jeschke follows great expeditions of generations past. But this journey faces a modern irony: in a warming world, the frozen bridge bewteen continents may well be melted. So Jeschke's expedition has adopted an ulterior motive. These three jeeps are eco-ambassadors, intending to round the world "without a trace", highlighting a message of alternative fuels and carbon neutrality.

Three jeeps on an eco-tour? The team will make the trip unsupported, that is, carrying all gear needed for the trip in the vehicles completing the tour. How will they accomplish that? And will rescue floats and "swimming tires" prevent disaster on thin ice and help the team make it through where no man has driven before?

Source: Treehugger

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